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1.Do I need to replace roof after hail?

If your roof leaks following a hail storm, you may need to replace it altogether. An older roof is more likely to be weak and susceptible to further damage, so you may want to replace an older roof that has hail damage.

2.How to file a claim for hail damage?

When faced with the aftermath of hail damage to your property, initiating the claims process promptly and efficiently is extremely important. A highly recommended avenue for navigating this intricate process is to engage the expertise of seasoned professionals such as those at Storm Support Services. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge and experience in negotiating the complexities of insurance claims, Storm Support Services are the optimal solution to ensure that you receive the full extent of entitlements from your claim. By entrusting your claim to these specialists, you can rest assured that every aspect of the process will be meticulously managed, facilitating a swift and favourable resolution. 

3.What is the hail damage insurance claim time limit?

The typical duration of the claims process, overseen by one of our claims management experts, spans a timeframe of approximately 6 to 8 weeks. However, it is essential to acknowledge that this timeframe is subject to variation, dependant upon several factors including the severity of the damage incurred and the availability of your insurer to conduct their required assessments. Rest assured, our team remains committed to navigating every aspect of the claims procedure, ensuring a thorough and efficient resolution tailored to the unique circumstances of your claim. 

4.Does hail damage claim raise home insurance rates?

Filing a claim for hail damage on your property does not cause an increase in insurance rates or premiums. It is important to recognize that insurance premium adjustments following a catastrophic event are predicated upon broader factors such as the geographic location or postcode's susceptibility to future incidents. In such instances, insurers may adjust premiums based on the collective risk profile of a particular area rather than the individual claim. Therefore, lodging a claim for hail damage should not be a cause for concern regarding your personal insurance rates. Instead, it serves as a means to ensure that policyholders receive the coverage and assistance to which they are entitled in the event of unforeseen damage to their property. 

5.How much is the average hail damage claim?

The average cost of a hail claim varies widely based on the size of your property and the extent of the damage sustained. Factors such as property dimensions, architectural complexity, and severity of damage all contribute to determining the overall expense of repairs or restoration. 

6.Can I keep the money from a hail damage claim?

While you have the option to keep the funds from your insurance claim by accepting a cash payout, we strongly advise against it due to potential risks. If you opt for a cash payout, your property could remain vulnerable to future storm damages that won't be covered until repairs or replacements are made. To safeguard your property against such risks, Storm Support Services will connect you with a fully licensed and trusted builder to ensure adequate repairs to your property are completed, ensuring coverage for future weather events. 

7.How much does insurance pay for hail damage?

Your insurer typically follows industry and market rate standards when determining payout figures associated with your claim, with consideration given to the size of your property and the severity of the damage sustained. In most cases, your insurer will either replace the damaged items or pay you for the cost of replacement to ensure they "best match existing" conditions. 

8.How long do you have to report hail damage?

Timely reporting of hail damage and seeking assistance from a reputable professional entity such as Storm Support Services is essential for expediting the resolution and repair process for your property. Taking prompt action ensures precise identification of damages associated with the recent storm event. Delaying this process complicates the task of correlating damages to a specific storm date, increasing the likelihood of overlooked or denied claims. Consequently, procrastination may leave you vulnerable to additional damages, such as water ingress from compromised roof sheets. 

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